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Expert Witness Services

How Skin Camouflage Can Help Your Clients

Skin Camouflage Care offer expert witness services to the legal professions,  insurance companies and to individuals who are pursuing a personal injury claim where a skin camouflage assessment and report are required.

What does the process involve?

Once instruction has been received, an appointment is made for the client to attend a private consultation and following that, a report is prepared.

Expert Witness Services Include:

  • Private & confidential consultation with the client
  • Assessment of the skin injury and skin tone (colour) difference
  • Skin matching to the correct and most appropriate skin camouflage products

    • .Tutorial in self-application and removal of skin camouflage products
    • Report listing suitable skin camouflage products and future consultations if required
    • Photographs and explanations relating to the use of skin camouflage products
    • Costings of skin camouflage products for the purposes of quantifying future costs the client may incur due to injury

    Desktop Reports

    Desktop reports are available, and can only be based on quality photographs and as well as medical records.  The report will give an estimated annual cost of camouflage.

    The most accurate medico-legal report will be based on a face-to-face consultation with each client.


    How Skin Camouflage Can Help Your Clients:

    Following an accident many people can be left with physical scarring to the skin which can not only cause physical differences, but they can have an emotional impact on the person too which can be debilitating to live with. 

    Skin Camouflage Care prides itself on providing a compassionate and expert opinion on skin camouflage solutions which can help your client by minimising the emotional impact of the scarring they have sustained whilst empowering each and every client by teaching them how to self-apply products when needed.


    Types of injuries where skin camouflage may be required are:

    Personal Injury

    • Chemical burns
    • Hot liquids burns
    • Fire burns
    • Electricity burns
    • Dog bites
    • Accidental scarring resulting from a fall
    • Grit embedded injuries

    Clinical Negligence

    • Cosmetic surgery scars: eye lids, face, nose & abdomen
    • Surgical scars
    • Breast surgery
    • Laser burns

    Why choose Skin Camouflage Care;

    Skin Camouflage Care is Ireland’s first and only private skin camouflage provider with over 9 years experience practicing skin camouflage.  The practice is ideally located in Co. Kildare close to the M4 motorway, meaning it is convenient for clients to travel to from anywhere in Ireland.

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    To enquire about obtaining a skin camouflage expert witness report for a personal injury claim, please phone 083 3685772 or email